1st edition Small Doses

1st edition Small Doses

Small Doses began as a series of zines given to friends and strangers.  The goal was to help remind us that we're human, that the struggles we face in life are normal and that life gets better with care.

Find all of the small doses here: smalldoses.tumblr.com or follow me on Instagram @eedumas

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Originally written just for myself, then in small batches, it's now become a 100-day social media project, to both help me share with a larger audience and get more comfortable with the process of sharing my work online.

Currently they only exist in their digital form.  If you have interest in moving this to hardcopy let me know.

If a Small Dose speaks to you, or you think it would speak to someone you know who needs to hear it, please share.  

We're all in this together.