Make it first, then decide what to do with it.

I’ve recently discovered that asking “Why am I doing this?” gets in the way of finishing things, so instead I’ve started asking myself “Why not?”

And so I decided to print over 200 copies of my mini-zine “Be More Awesome.”  Now that the work is done, I get to enjoy deciding what to do with them!  You may find one at a coffee shop tucked under a newspaper, or perhaps wedged in between a couch cushion at a bar.  Maybe a friend has handed it off to you, in hopes of inspiring cheerful thoughts.

I’m not trying to convert you into any sort of idealogy with my words, I’m just trying to remind you that there’s no top limit to awesomeness.  The contents of the mini-zine remind me each day, and I can only hope they spark something amazing in you as well.

About E E Dumas

I'm a dabbler in Portland, OR. I care about personal growth, in whatever form it takes. I'm not here to provide you the answers to life, I only hope to inspire some good questions.
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2 Responses to Make it first, then decide what to do with it.

  1. Amber Case says:

    Every time I’ve stopped doing something because I asked myself “why am I doing this” I found someone making a happy living off of it a few years later. After I figured that out, I didn’t stop doing things because I wondered what outcome they held. Glad you’ve experienced the same thing! Looking forward to what you do with your book!

  2. Cyn says:

    I just picked up your “be more awesome” book and it is a needed and similar addition to what I am trying to find/do/be more of. Thanks for putting this “out there!”


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