Reasons It’s Ok to Stay at Your Awful Job

Rest has a purpose

We constantly hear about moving forward, about professional development, about not settling for anything less than the best. But we’ve all settled, even if briefly, and that’s ok. That’s human. I want to explore the reasons I think it’s ok to stay in an awful job, and validate the place we’ve all been.

  • It’s ok to stay if the work sucks but the people are great.
  • It’s ok to stay if you’re working on what’s next, but it’s not quite clear yet.
  • It’s ok to stay if work is just going through a rough patch, and you hope it’ll get better.
  • It’s ok to stay if work is the one place you have structure, safety, and that’s holding you together.
  • It’s ok to stay if lives you care about are depending solely on you.
  • It’s ok to stay if the job is funding your true passion outside of work.
  • It’s ok to stay if you know your boundaries and won’t let it get worse for you.
  • It’s ok to stay if work is a safer place than home.
  • It’s ok if you don’t have an answer right now.

I help people with their careers, with their relationship to work, and so often people beat themselves up for “settling for mediocrity.” Don’t be mean to yourself, your rest has purpose. This uncomfortable place is temporary and will pass.

Find the reason to the pause on your journey, a helpful compassionate reason, and forgive yourself for not knowing what’s next. None of us truly know what the future holds. We’re all in this together.